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We'd love to hear from you. How was your meal at Cody Inn? How about the service? This is the place to tell us what you really think. Comments. Compliments. Complaints. We welcome them all.

Memorable Lunch!
We enjoyed a memorable lunch at Cody Inn last summer. Dish after delectable dish was served, the most memorable being the Inn's own 'Singing Buffalo'. This consisted of the most tender meat imaginable, served in a sauce that garnered rave reviews. We'll certainly be back for more!

Karl & Jennifer Froehr - Toronto

During the twenties, the women who worked for the owner learned to spot the slightest imperfection, and take care of it immediately. A story is told about the daily inspection of the sheets for every bed in every room. They were examined minutely and even the slightest sign of a broken thread was darned - on the spot! Imagine that!

Cody Inn Restaurant
Chinese and Canadian Cooking
Family Dining - Licenced L.L.B.O.
1953 Lakehurst Road, Buckhorn
Ontario, Canada K0L 1J0
near Lock 31 on the Trent Canal system
for reservations and take-away